100 Pics Gardening Answers Level 1-100


Gardening is the latest category on 100 Pics Quiz, a fun image association puzzle game for iPad, iPhone, and Android. Download the game for free on iTunes and Google Play. These levels focus on what you might use while gardening or find in the beautiful garden you’ve just worked in. It’s an exciting set of levels for those with a green thumb, but some of us can’t tell the difference between a rake and a shovel, so we’ve included the answers below for you to reference. Each time you pass a level you earn coins which over time, you get to unlock new categories and keep you occupied with this popular app game.


Level 1: gloves
Level 2: soil
Level 3: spade
Level 4: pots
Level 5: fork
Level 6: hoe
Level 7: bulbs
Level 8: pond
Level 9: rake
Level 10: bench
Level 11: path
Level 12: seeds
Level 13: ants
Level 14: fence
Level 15: sand
Level 16: berries
Level 17: patio
Level 18: earthworm
Level 19: caterpillar
Level 20: shed

Level 21-100 coming soon…


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