380 Words Answers All Levels

380-words-150x150380 Words is a fun word and image game for iPhone and Android. Each image has 1 word associated with it that you have to guess and there are 20 pictures per level. If you love these types of games, then you’ll enjoy 380 Words. We’ve provided the answers below for all the levels and will keep it updated the more answers we get our hands on. Download 380 Words for free on iTunes and Google Play.


380 Words Level 1 Answers

Word 1 Solution: ice-be-rg (iceberg)
Word 2 Solution: la-wn (lawn)
Word 3 Solution: car-av-an (caravan)
Word 4 Solution: no-te-bo-ok (notebook)
Word 5 Solution: mu-sh-ro-om (mushroom)
Word 6 Solution: blo-od (blood)
Word 7 Solution: or-ch-id (orchid)
Word 8 Solution: coi-ns (coins)
Word 9 Solution: mor-ni-ng (morning)
Word 10 Solution: edu-ca-ti-on (education)
Word 11 Solution: fra-me (frame)
Word 12 Solution: can-dl-es (candles)
Word 13 Solution: sa-lm-on (salmon)
Word 14 Solution: bo-tt-le (bottle)
Word 15 Solution: st-ra-wb-er-ri-es (strawberries)
Word 16 Solution: ar-ct-ic (arctic)
Word 17 Solution: fl-ag (flag)
Word 18 Solution: flo-we-rs (flowers)
Word 19 Solution: pea-ch (peach)
Word 20 Solution: mat-ch (match)

380 Words Level 2 Answers

Word 1 Solution: twi-ns (twins)
Word 2 Solution: bea-ns (beans)
Word 3 Solution: bat-te-ry (battery)
Word 4 Solution: pro-te-in (protein)
Word 5 Solution: ve-ni-ce (venice)
Word 6 Solution: vi-ta-mi-ns (vitamins)
Word 7 Solution: wi-ne (wine)
Word 8 Solution: wa-rd-ro-be (wardrobe)
Word 9 Solution: di-vi-ng (diving)
Word 10 Solution: det-ec-ti-ve (detective)
Word 11 Solution: ch-il-dr-en (children)
Word 12 Solution: ja-m (jam)
Word 13 Solution: de-si-gn (design)
Word 14 Solution: bli-mp (blimp)
Word 15 Solution: di-al-og-ue (dialogue)
Word 16 Solution: sp-ru-ce (spruce)
Word 17 Solution: de-li-ve-ry (delivery)
Word 18 Solution: ag-e (age)
Word 19 Solution: tow-er (tower)
Word 20 solution: beaver (beaver)

380 Words Level 3 Answers

Word 1: gre-en (green)
Word 2: ca-st-le (castle)
Word 3: kno-wl-ed-ge
Word 4: um-br-el-la (umbrella)
Word 5: ne-ed-le (needle)
Word 6: ca-lo-ri-es (calories)
Word 7: tee-th (teeth)
Word 8: cro-co-di-le (crocodile)
Word 9: ye-ll-ow (yellow)
Word 10: lo-ve (love)
Word 11: pea-ce (peace)
Word 12: ope-ra (opera)
Word 13: fo-re-st (forest)
Word 14: cam-er-am-an (cameraman)
Word 15: ori-ga-mi (origami)
Word 16: pr-in-ts (prints)
Word 17: pad-do-ck (paddock)
Word 18: las-er (laser)
Word 19: she-ep (sheep)
Word 20: ch-op-st-ic-ks (chopsticks)


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