Avoid This order for Android Not SLOW Runing

Avoid This order for Android Not SLOW Runing

There are many reasons that make mobile phones become increasingly slow performance over the course of time, it is always an effect of the system continues to run a program to work more than normal. Most people when having a mobile phone with high storage capacity typically will install a lot of applications although it is not essential, but it is one of the things that make the phone slow performance because the apps installed who knows always running in the background. That’s just one application, what if many applications are running in the background? Sure would make everything slow.

Example one thing most disliked by many people is the performance of mobile phones suddenly slow when about to perform important business, for example, want to make calls or typing on the keyboard and maybe that sucks is when typing on the keyboard because the user will be wrong many times and must remain patiently typed up properly in conditions of slow extraordinary. Usually the Android users who feel the slower the cell phone will be rooting as a solution, but it is not a solution, because rooting open up gaps in the system that makes the phone work much harder and could be forced to do anything on the system.

Instead of rooting is the danger, however, when Android phones has been slow, rooting is not the only safe way. And there are few safe ways that can be done without endangering the phone system itself and also refers to the application that has been installed. A user may view the application is just the same and this is a mistake, because every application is different from any licensing made, if there are licenses that make these applications continues to live despite the condition of the phone screen is locked, it was a sign the application running in the background forever.

There are several kinds of applications are always there in the background, which has a licensing PUSH system sends a notification (usually from GCM) and this can be done through Wakelock blocking, Alarm, or direct Service. An example is similar apps Facebook, Twitter, and other social media or even a browser. Reviewed by many Facebook users that the application has a large size that runs on the background and it is believed that the application may drain the battery faster. It can be seen from the large size of the background process to make sure the RAM capacity will be less and it could make the phone slow. To find out what things should not be done so that the phone slow, please see below.

Not Installing Many Applications / Games – This is preferred because a lot of people who install applications not important and let it without removing it. Please note that any non-critical applications sometimes have permission to perform startup when the phone is booting. So applications will run when the phone is turned on and this not only makes getting smaller RAM capacity, but also to make the battery level will be reduced as a result of this. Imagine if many applications are running abruptly when the phone is turned on, it will reduce a lot of available RAM capacity.
Do not Let Cache / Fixed Full Application Cache – One application that stores a cache of very high is a kind of social media, due to store all the activities such as a photo or video and the highest possible is the application Instagram. Unbeknownst that users have spent a long time without seeing how big the cache contained in the application. Although basically a cache can be erased in a few days / weeks, but if the size is large, would take a long time to automatically remove from the system and one way around that is to delete it manually. Please open manage applications and remove any existing cache if only every two weeks.
Do not Let Internal Memory Full – Despite the existing storage system in the phone is divided equally in size, but it is advisable not to make the internal memory is fully charged. As with older phones that Android phones also have the same problem and it is related to the boot process. So if the user has a lot of files on the internal memory and makes it almost full, then the boot process will also phone for a long time. I still do not know the cause, but please compare again by deleting all files in internal memory, the boot process is definitely going to be faster than ever before.
Do not rooting If Not Know used – This is the stage of the last to be avoided, so as I apply the above was that many users feel when rooting will make the phone much faster, and it is right if done the right way. Would be unfortunate if the user tries to do the rooting but when trying to make the phone does not slow, even using an unsafe manner and overclock. Examples of overclock is to tweak excessive as to make the swap is larger than 2GB, and improve kernel performance beyond the limits. It not only makes the system is not known, but also to make the battery more abnormal.

There are four tips that I shared above and with some of the things that I am sure can make Android phones remain normal as new. Especially now that it has been widely circulated Android phone with 1Gb RAM and above which makes it less likely aktvitas slow / slow on the phone. With cell phones 1Gb RAM alone is enough to make the phone do not slow, especially if you have more RAM than that, but still it must also consider some of the above to extend the stability of the phone. And the thing that actually make the phone slow is zram features that are usually installed on Android kitkat on phones made in China. It should be eliminated because the swap process makes the app running in the background for a long time. If anyone wants to ask about the above, please comment.

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