How to do Google Reverse Image Search?

A basic guide on how to do Google Reverse Image Search

How many times have you used Google to search for an image whose name you know?

Well, possibly a million times. But have you had to search for the name of an image which you have no clue about?

A bit difficult apparently, isn’t it?

Not exactly.

With Goggle Reverse Search, you can upload an image using your PC, mobile or even tablet and search for it and Google will provide you with every possible detail it has.


Why do we need it?

Well to answer that in simple terms I would have to say because we do. In our daily lives, we come across lots of instances where we just cannot name or describe what an image is about. I mean you have the picture in your hands but you have no clue what the picture is about. If you have tried describing the picture and Google searching using the description, then you ought to know it is a massive fail. Using Reverse search comes in handy in these circumstances where we have to verify the source of the photos or images or even memes. Travelers could also use it to get the location of a mesmerizing scene they have come across in a picture.


How do we use it?

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Open the browser and search “Google’s Reverse Image Search Tool”. Or go to

Click on “upload image” button. Or “Enter Image Path: (image url)” button.

You can also use your Smartphone camera to take the picture of the image and then upload it.

As soon as it gets uploaded click on “Search Similar Images” button.

Then like bellow image will be a page open. Check image from a site Google/Bing/Yandex. I am using Google.


A new web page of Google results pops up with search results of the image you have uploaded.


Now go ahead and search all you want.

If you have anything to discuss or ask, you can put it on the comment section or simply ask a question.


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