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Punfound-Answers-150x150Punfound Answers. Solve over 200 pun pictures in Punfound, a fun app game for iPhone and Android. If you love puns then Punfound will be very entertaining and is a must download, which you can get for free on the app store. If you’re terrible at puns yet still want to try to get through all of the Punfound levels, we’ve provided answers below in case you get stuck.

level 1: you’re fat that’s hippo critical
level 2: a salt with a deadly weapon
level 3: when a clock is hungry, it goes back four seconds:
level 4: a boiled egg in the morning is really hard to beat:
level 5: the frustrated magician pulled out his hare:
level 6: those fish really are quite shy:: they must be coy
level 7: just in case
level 8: i forgot how to throw a boomerang: but then it came back to me
level 9: peter was so drunk, he picked a fight with a mop: he wiped the floor with him
level 10: renewable energy? i’m a big fan
level 11: a vegetarian girl said she recognized me, but i had never met herbivore
level 12: the roundest knight in all the land sir circumference
level 13: chilly pepper
level 14: unicorn
level 15: never trust an atom they make up everything
level 16: melon -collie
level 17: what did the triangle say to the circle: you’re so pointless
level 18: no matter how hard you push the envelope it’ll always be stationary
level 19: i have the necessary koala -fictions
level 20: hey ho looks like a fungi
level 21: armchair
level 22: i don’t want to taco bout it
level 23: expecting a well thought-out pun? frayed knot
level 24: tag you’re it hashtag
level 25: calm down you’re over reacting
level 26: i lost an electron are you positive
level 27: what do you call a bear with no teeth? a gummy bear:
level 28: becoming a vegetarian can be huge missed steak
level 29: eh you’re not welcome here preju- dice
level 30: elevator
level 31: i shot the serif
level 32: they make a good pear
level 33: you’re a cute angle
level 34: spearmint
level 35: how do you organize space party you planet
level 36: knowing sign language can be quite handy
level 37: once you’ve seen a shopping centre you’ve seen the mall
level 38: a chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion
level 39: why are you wearing glasses? i lost my contacts
level 40: calm down guys we don’t want any treble
level 41: i’m reading a book on anti-gravity it’s impossible to put down
level 42: this scarecrow is outstanding in his field
level 43: attempted murder
level 44: Christopher Walken, Christopher sitting
level 45: peter spent all night wondering where the sun went: but then it dawned on him
level 46: what do you call a fake noodle an impasta
level 47: you loo boo – tiful tonight
level 48: hey what’s wrong: i just feel empty inside
level 49: i tried to catch some fog today i mist
level 50: i used to be addicted to soap: but i’m clean now
level 51: a moon rock tastes better than an earth rock because it’s meteor
level 52: a piano fell down a mineshaft and made a-flat minor
level 53: wanna hear pun about pizza? never mind its too cheesy
level 54: i wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger then it hit me
level 55: writing with a broken pencil is pointless
level 56: oh the hue -manatee
level 57: stop you are under a rest
level 58: weapons of math destruction
level 59: sorry i’m latte
level 60: this bicycle can no longer stand it’s two tired
level 61: that’s one smart phone
level 62: i’m not the sharpest tool in the shed
level 63: he doesn’t take up mushroom
level 64: you go on ahead i follow on foot
level 65: i started a business selling yachts in my house sails are going through the roof
level 66: plateaus, the highest form of flattery
level 67: why can’t your nose be 12 inches long? because then it would be a foot
level 68: my book just hit me i only have my shelf to blame
level 69: icy trouble ahead
level 70: join the math club, there’s safety in numbers
level 71: the cross-eyed teacher had trouble controlling his pupils
level 72: you shouldn’t take sides in a fight between friends
level 73: peter tried to write a drinking song: he couldn’t get past the first few bars
level 74: did you wet the bed again? urine trouble
level 75: wanna hear a pun? this otter be good
level 76: the man drinking battery acid will soon be charged
level 77: the midget fortuneteller escaped prison: she was a small medium at large
level 78: wisdom tooth
level 79: math puns are the first sine of madness:
level 80: butter fly:
level 81: these pun really quack me up
level 82: eggplant
level 83: put it out: water you waiting for
level 84: oh no not an udder one
level 85: lemon aid
level 86: king of spades
level 87: ice tee
level 88: two silk worms had a race they ended up in a tie
level 89: i threatened him and said mark my word
level 90: what did the cannibal get when he was late for dinner: a cold shoulder
level 91: you are stuck with your debt if you can’t budge it
level 92: peter hadn’t the faintest idea as to why he passed out
level 93: i have a hard time controlling my mood swings
level 94: the great wall of chinaware
level 95: goldfish
level 96: bakers trade bread recipes on a knead to know basis
level 97: if you don’t pay your exorcist you could get re – possessed
level 98: does this uniform make me look fat Insecurity guard
level 99: math test today? use this for good measure
level 100: light beer:
level 101: mugshot
level 102: pinky swear
level 103: navy seal
level 104: an investi-gator
level 105: sofa so good
level 106: square root
level 107: fire drill
level 108: 3:14 percent of all sailors are pi rates
level 109: school cancelled due to blackout the students are delighted
level 110: the confederate army ate using civil-ware
level 111: boxing ring
level 112: when my laptop is idle Jesus shows up he’s my screen saviour
level 113: toucan play at this game
level 114: you look better yeah i got my appendix removed
level 115: cartoonist found dead details are sketchy
level 116: sleeping pill
level 117: peter was hit in the head with a can of soda luckily for him it was a soft drink
level 118: straw berries
level 119: jokes about German sausages are the wurst
level 120: this dinosaur has one impressive vocabulary he must be a thesaurus
level 121: trying to eat a clock is very time consuming
level 122: well shall we take the kayak oar canoe?
level 123: octopi
level 124: did you hear the one about the guy who lost his left arm? he’s all right now
level 125: the mermaid attended math class wearing algae bra
level 126: i was struggling to figure out how lightning works but then it struck me
level 127: censor ship
level 128: i got fired
level 129: seasons greetings
level 130: can’t we just get oolong?
level 131: got the marks back for my electrician’s exam the result were shocking
level 132: my friends bakery burned down overnight her business is toast
level 133: i used to be a banker but i lost interest
level 134: a clown just held the door open for me it was a nice jester
level 135: time flies like an arrow fruit flies like a banana
level 136: man murdered in parking garage that is wrong on so many levels
level 137: read the novel about small gardens? there isn’t much of a plot
level 138: hairspray
level 139: arborists are treemend ous
level 140: don’t become an archaeologist your career will be in ruins
level 141: reigning cats and dogs
level 142: sweet dreams
level 143: i’ll ketchup
level 144: you mustard the strength to finish
level 145: arch enemies
level 146: boo school spirit
level 147: my friend handcrafts door for a living: he really know how to make an entrance
level 148: a backwards poet writes inverse
level 149: our base in under a tack
level 150: people are making apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow
level 151: peter was told he had type a blood: but it must have been a type o
level 152: i didn’t like my new beard at first: but then it grew on me
level 153: cereal killer
level 154: like the game? lettuce know by reviewing
level 155: some people say that our jokes are average: that’s just mean
level 156: peter lost his job and found himself in quite the pickle
level 157: rubber duck e
level 158: K leenexbox
level 159: fancy a cup of tee
level 160: my car just got toad
level 161: deviled egg
level 162: zeebra
level 163: hot dog
level 164: the rolling stones
level 165: you know what? i’m grater than you
level 166: you’re my butter half
level 167: donutello
level 168: i’m sexy and i gnome it
level 169: chick magn et
level 170: fish tank
level 171: French toast
level 172: i find this fruit very appealing
level 173: power plant
level 174: card shark
level 175: lettuce take the train i avocado
level 176: engine earring
level 177: eyepod
level 178: doctor
level 179: i’m telling you it’s all a big conspiracy ahhh you guys are both nuts
level 180: catfish
level 181: may all your swishes come true
level 182: you can count on me
level 183: drop the beet
level 184: mirror mirror who’s the funniest of them all? why ra punzel
level 185: pie rat
level 186: road runner
level 187: brain wash
level 188: it was all white, have an ice day honey? there’s snow place like home
level 189: spring is right around the corner
level 190: cantaloupe
level 191: ice skating
level 192: watch dog
level 193: rain bow
level 194: makeup artist
level 195: think thank
level 196: roller coaster
level 197: i love you from my head tomatoes
level 198: rock star
level 199: Alexander the grape
level 200: hole milk
level 201: i have a knot in my stomach
level 202: i scream cone
level 203: under the weather
level 204: loafers
level 205: duck tape
level 206: capital punishment
level 207: tap dancing
level 208: these puns are getting pretty tearable aren’t they?


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