Symbology Answers Level 1-200


Here are the symbology answers, a fun app game for iPhone, iPad, and Android. The game uses multiple images to show an idea that is iconic and obscure. Although it’s not a complex game, it does get you to think and is fun to play. The great design and music makes playing an enjoyable experience. Download the game for free on iTunes and Google Play. With over 200 levels of play, you’ll enjoy symbols that represent ancient languages that increase with difficulty as the levels go up. Have fun!

Symbology Answers Levels 1-50:
Level 1. Animal: Giraffe
Level 2. Animal: Dog
Level 3. Holiday: Valentines Day
Level 4. Object: Vehicle
Level 5. Animal: Cow
Level 6. Object: Shoe
Level 7. Concept: Right
Level 8. Object: Pacifier
Level 9. Emotion: Sad
Level 10. Animal: Catfish
Level 11. Country: France
Level 12. People: Baby
Level 13. Action: Running
Level 14. Emotion: Anger
Level 15. Character: Ant Man
Level 16. Object: Clothing
Level 17. Emotion: Surprised
Level 18. Insect: Butterfly
Level 19. Emotion: Happy Birthday
Level 20. Animal: Horse
Level 21. People: Man
Level 22. Object: Phone
Level 23. Emotion: Crying
Level 24. Holiday: Easter
Level 25. Object: Hat
Level 26. Profession: Policeman
Level 27. Country: Canada
Level 28. Emotion: Fear
Level 29. People: Woman
Level 30. Object: Tree
Level 31. Movie: Batman
Level 32. Emotion: Love
Level 33. Object: High Heel
Level 34. Object: Bicycle
Level 35. Profession: Pilot
Level 36. Country: Mexico
Level 37. Emotion: Relaxed
Level 38. Animal: Sheep
Level 39. Cartoon: Catdog
Level 40. Profession: Doctor
Level 41. Movie: Iron Man
Level 42. Profession: Fire Fighter
Level 43. Object: Bag
Level 44. Profession: Dentist
Level 45. Emotion: Confused
Level 46. Profession: Librarian
Level 47. People: Mother
Level 48. Holiday: 4Th Of July
Level 49. Country: Israel
Level 50. Animal: Lion

Symbology Answers Levels 51-100:
Level 51. Tv Show: Walking Dead
Level 52. Movie: Twister
Level 53. Character: Snow White
Level 54. Phrase: Break The Ice
Level 55. Movie: Finding Nemo
Level 56. Profession: Referee
Level 57. Cartoon: The Simpsons
Level 58. Object: Truck
Level 59. Action: Dancing
Level 60. Profession: Surgeon
Level 61. People: Father
Level 62. Movie: V For Vendetta
Level 63. Animal: Pig
Level 64. Tv Show: Star Trek
Level 65. Cartoon: Inspector Gadget
Level 66. Character: Porky Pig
Level 67. Phrase: Heads Up
Level 68. Country: Egypt
Level 69. Insect: Spider
Level 70. Video Game: Dead Rising
Level 71. Object: Television
Level 72. Action: Jumping
Level 73. Profession: Accountant
Level 74. Character: Popeye
Level 75. Holiday: Halloween
Level 76. Object: Headphones
Level 77. Animal: Alligator
Level 78. Tv Show: Big Bang Theory
Level 79. Movie: Taxi Driver
Level 80. Character: Underdog
Level 81. Phrase: Fish Out Of Water
Level 82. Country: India
Level 83. Person: Bookworm
Level 84. Animal: Starfish
Level 85. Profession: Actor
Level 86. Action: Swimming
Level 87. Profession: Coach
Level 88. Tv Show: Bones
Level 89. Insect: Dragonfly
Level 90. Movie: Monsters University
Level 91. Animal: Chicken
Level 92. Tv Show: Criminal Minds
Level 93. Movie: Blade Runner
Level 94. Character: Bugs Bunny
Level 95. Phrase: Down To Earth
Level 96. Object: Fountain Pen
Level 97. Insect: Snail
Level 98. Movie: House Of The Dead
Level 99. Object: Bathroom
Level 100. Holiday: Christmas

Symbology Answers Levels 101-150:
Level 101. Animal: Fox
Level 102. Character: Ant Man
Level 103. Movie: Spiderman
Level 104. Insect: Cockroach
Level 105. Movie: Up
Level 106. Object: Clock
Level 107. Tv Show: Breaking Bad
Level 108. Profession: Weather Man
Level 109. Phrase: On Cloud Nine
Level 110. Movie: House Of Wax
Level 111. Animal: Monkey
Level 112. Concept: Down
Level 113. Movie: Robocop
Level 114. Insect: Slug
Level 115. Animal: Octopus
Level 116. Object: Surfboard
Level 117. Tv Show: 24
Level 118. Profession: Sailor
Level 119. Phrase: Hands Down
Level 120. Movie: Twelve Monkeys
Level 121. Animal: Deer
Level 122. Object: Stop Watch
Level 123. Movie: Mary Poppins
Level 124. Insect: Beetle
Level 125. Action: Upside Down
Level 126. Movie: A Fistful Of Dollars
Level 127. Tv Show: Bewitched
Level 128. Movie: Anchorman
Level 129. Phrase: Talk To The Hand
Level 130. People: Grand Mother
Level 131. Animal: Crab
Level 132. Character: Mario
Level 133. Insect: Yellow Jacket
Level 134. Object: Wasp Knife
Level 135. Action: Strike
Level 136. Object: Candle
Level 137. Tv Show: Prison Break
Level 138. Profession: Journalist
Level 139. Phrase: Wake Up Call
Level 140. Country: Greece
Level 141. Animal: Dinosaur
Level 142. Character: Scooby Doo
Level 143. Game: Chess
Level 144. Insect: Lady Bug
Level 145. Concept: Redo
Level 146. Object: Pants
Level 147. Tv Show: Full House
Level 148. Profession: Teacher
Level 149. Phrase: Down To The Wire
Level 150. People: Grand Father

Symbology Answers Levels 151-200:
Level 151. Country: United States
Level 152. Game: Pitfall
Level 153. Movie: The Maze Runner
Level 154. Object: Mosquito Net
Level 155. Action: Laughing
Level 156. Object: Snowman
Level 157. Tv Show: Cheers
Level 158. Profession: Bus Driver
Level 159. Phrase: Under The Weather
Level 160. Action: Talking
Level 161. Animal: Seahorse
Level 162. Movie: Forrest Gump
Level 163. Cartoon: Captain Planet
Level 164. Profession: Banker
Level 165. Concept: Left
Level 166. Object: Ring
Level 167. Character: Sherlock Holmes
Level 168. Profession: Military
Level 169. Phrase: Play Ball
Level 170. Cartoon: Street Sharks
Level 171. Movie: Smokey And The Bandit
Level 172. Character: Action Man
Level 173. Movie: The Lion King
Level 174. Animal: Pelican
Level 175. Concept: Diagonal
Level 176. Object: Smartphone
Level 177. Movie: Jungle Book
Level 178. Judge
Level 179. Phrase: Man Of Few Words
Level 180. Country: Italy
Level 181. Animal: Birds
Level 182. Character: James Bond
Level 183. Movie: Kill Bill
Level 184. Movie: Aladdin
Level 185. Action: Hiking
Level 186. Country: China
Level 187. Tv Show: American Idol
Level 188. Profession: Lawyer
Level 189. Phrase: Key To My Heart
Level 190. Movie: Cars
Level 191. Animal: Ostrich
Level 192. Character: Buzz Light Year
Level 193. Movie: Birdman
Level 194. Character: Ace Ventura
Level 195. Action: Sky Diving
Level 196. Object: Dog House
Level 197. Tv Show: Mad Men
Level 198. Profession: Pharmacist
Level 199. Phrase: Over And Out
Level 200. Movie: 50 Shades Of Grey
Level 201. Object: Alligator Boots

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